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Catching the Light:

An Incredibly Easy Mindfulness Habit


Takashi initiated coaching to clarify his career path. He wanted to evaluate several entrepreneurial opportunities that had come his way and consider how he might integrate them with his work as a commercial photographer.

During his coaching program, he decided to spend some time each week taking pictures just for fun. This was to rejuvenate his love of photography after having come off a very intense and deadline-driven commercial project.

One week, along with his coaching assignment, Takashi emailed me a casual shot he had taken entitled: Morning Light.

We continued our work together and after some discovery exercises, Takashi was able to articulate his core purpose: sharing what I see and learn. That greatly helped him select his primary areas of interest to pursue.

Our coaching engagement was for 90 days and it was approximately five years ago that we completed our work together. What Takashi didn't know (until I wrote this article) is that the photo he emailed me became the inspiration for an incredibly easy mindfulness practice that I now use daily.

A Moment to Mindfulness

The title of Takashi's photo was an invitation. It wasn't that I set out trying to notice the morning light. I simply started to notice it. Then it became a habit.

While having my morning coffee, I'll catch the way the early light brushes across a chair. Or how it shines through my office window and creates a shadow with the dancing angel figurine on my file cabinet. As my gaze absorbs these rays of light and just for a quick moment, I say the words: Morning Light.

Later in the day, I might catch the light spilling across a different object in my office. Sometimes when I'm driving back from an appointment, I'll observe the mountains changing to their late day purple and I'll think: There it is, Afternoon Light.

There is a certain quality to the light as it changes throughout the day. Pausing briefly to take it in has become the easiest of mindfulness habits.

Morning Light, Afternoon Light

It's clear indeed that Takashi shares what he sees and learns and I'm so glad he shared that photo with me. It has heightened my awareness and gifted me with moments of calm.

The change of season is the perfect time to incorporate this very accessible mindfulness practice.

This Week's Call To Action:

When you happen to notice the morning light, soak it up for a few seconds and say the words: Morning Light. When the afternoon rays fall across your path, take note of their quality and say: Afternoon Light.

It's a simple awareness that takes just a few seconds, yet there is a depth to this practice, and something to receive that is profoundly grounding and peaceful.

As you briefly pause to notice the light, you might feel a release, an acute awareness, and the ability to refresh or redirect your focus.

How does all that happen within the space of a few moments? That's what is remarkable about catching the light.

See you in the current,
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