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Trust the Path

(#4 in the series: Trust is an Essential Element)

Lessons from the Labyrinth

Trust the LabyrinthLast Wednesday, while on a self-guided retreat at a local spa, I came upon a labyrinth, designed to inspire a walking meditation. Unlike those high-hedged corn mazes which, based on my sense of direction, would likely have me wandering through the hedges forever, this labyrinth was entirely in view. I set my bare feet on the warm pavement and began walking what first appeared to be a simple spiral. This spiral, however, was not comprised of evenly spaced, concentric rings and that’s part of what makes it a labyrinth. (1)

As I walked the path, I didn’t need to concern myself with figuring anything out. I was certain where the labyrinth led. I could see that it would ultimately bring me to a pile of stones, artfully arranged in the center. That’s the thing about labyrinths: you can’t miss the center. At one point, it seemed the path was taking me farther away from the stones, but I kept walking and moments later was closer to the center than I would have expected, having just been so far away.

Wouldn’t it be something if we could live our lives like that: trusting the path and remembering that our goals may be closer than they appear?

Trust the Path

The only catch with this metaphor is that unlike my story above, the labyrinth of your life is not in full view. Without the ability to see the whole design, how do you know if you’re on the right path or off-course? Part of the answer to this question involves listening to your life and remembering what’s important to you, both of which we explored in the last two issues. (2)

If your current path finds you in situations that run counter to your values or are destructive on some level, it is likely time for a new direction. This doesn’t mean the right path will always be trouble-free, the quickest, or easiest. It is possible that you are on the right course even when your goals feel far off, even when it is different than you expected.

Is the destination in which you’re headed still calling you? If yes, then keep going, guided by what you’ve learned and know to be true, what is revealed along the way, and what feels right to you now. The path won’t lead you astray.

You Can’t Miss the Center

Respect the unique design that is your life. Feel your feet on the ground. Trust the path. Trust your feet! Remember, you can’t miss the center.

This Week’s Call To Action:
  • Take a meditative walk outdoors. During your walk, release yourself from having to figure anything out or problem-solve.

  • Schedule a retreat day for yourself.

  • Consider your current path. What is the prize toward which you are walking? What is yours to take in and cherish right where you are now?

There may be some side trips on the way to your goal but you can make it.

“Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.”
- Irish Proverb

Originally published October 16, 2012 and filed here.

See you in the current,
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(1) I was curious about the difference between labyrinths and mazes. While the dictionary uses these words interchangeably, it seems a distinction can be made. Mazes are often used in the context of a game and are designed to be tricky or confusing, with obstacles and dead-ends. Labyrinths, on the other hand, follow ancient patterns and the path is designed purposefully so that you can’t miss the center.

(2) Recently in Current of Life: Keep Listening; Does It Match?

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