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Wake Up and Listen

(Series Wrap Up)

Wide Awake at 3:00 a.m.

On those nights when I wake up with something on my mind, for some reason it's often around 3:00 a.m. My father used to call it "things that go bump in the night" - those disjointed thoughts stemming from worry or fear. Over the years I've gotten better at recognizing those types of thoughts and quieting them down by saying: I'll check back with you in the morning. My perspective is always much better over a cup of coffee.

But there is another kind of sleep disruption that is worth waking up for. It's the inner guidance and clarity that eluded you during the day. When this happens, make a mental note of the insight you've received. Turn the light on and write it down. You'll sleep better after you do.

That's how this Listening to Your Life thing goes. A deeper understanding or a better solution often occurs when you're not in active problem-solving mode. So if it's anxiety, listen through it and if it's inspiration listen to it.

Listen All The Time

Let's review what we've covered over the last several weeks in this series:

  • In Turn Off the Static the call to action was to identify easy things you can do to turn down the noise and eliminate whatever interferes with clarity.
  • Change of Season posed the question: What is your spirit moving you to do?
  • Having a Hard Time Quieting Down? contained tips for carving out quiet time every day.
  • In Ask Your Body we looked at tapping into the body's intelligence by simply pausing, breathing, and asking.
  • In You Knew It! we talked about what it means to "look with your eyes" and trust your intuition.

Throughout ups and downs and all the time, your life is speaking to you. In order to hear it, you must listen with every part of your being - body, mind, and spirit.

You Can Trust It

Never take inspiration for granted - it is a gift. It is life calling you, an intuitive instruction on how best to proceed. When you listen for guidance and receive it, you are then free to trust, honor, and obey what it is asking you to do. There aren't many times I use the word "obey", but it fits well here.

Get quiet enough to listen and trust that the guidance will come. Then, the actions you take will be a way of verifying what you heard. The repeating cycle of Trusting, Listening, and Acting with both patience and boldness is the way forward. It's the powerfully graceful way to move.

This Week's Call To Action:

  • What resonated with you the most from our two series on Trusting and most recently, Listening? How will you integrate that over the coming weeks?

See you in the current,
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