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You Knew It!

Listening in Reverse

Last time, in Ask Your Body, we talked about incorporating information from your head, heart, and gut. When it comes to relying on your intuition, at first it's easier to recognize in hindsight, once the proof is in. It's then that you realize your intuition was accurate. The thought that ran across your mind or the twinge you felt was spot on.

It's helpful to recall these times so that you can appreciate that you have intuition. It's usually a matter of paying attention and trusting it. A woman who made a career change after years of working in an environment where she felt undervalued said: I knew the second day it wasn't a fit.

Rather than: I should have listened to myself, imagine being able to say: I'm so glad I listened to myself.

That's a Sign, You Think?

Here are some actual examples from both clients and friends who were able to recall how their intuition had spoken to them in the moment.

These are from two people after interviewing for jobs they didn't really want:

My insides were screaming.
I envisioned being pushed into a prison cell.

I pictured myself being strapped to a table.

In both cases we had a good laugh at how extreme these mental images were, yet it wasn't until they described them out loud that they realized how strong the messages had been. In terms of coaching, all I had to do was confirm: So you think it's a no then, with regard to this job?

It also works in the affirmative. Michael, an entrepreneur, tells me how he identifies a worthwhile opportunity:

The hair stands up on the back of my neck.

When I asked Greg, an executive, how he knows it's a good move to make, he said:

It's a feeling I get, like going home.

My friend Monica's next career move became evident while she was on her way back from the gym and noticed a building's signage for the first time even though she drove by it daily:

I heard the words: Stop the car. I pulled over and there it was right in front of me.

Monica obeyed that internal command and even though she was in her sweaty workout clothes, walked into the building of that Naturopathic wellness clinic. The office manager's jaw dropped because that very day, they were about to post a job description for an integrative mental health practitioner who had Monica's suite of skills and background.

Look with Your Eyes

Intuition is not guessing. It's integrating what you see, hear, think, and feel - in your body as well as in your mind's eye (or ear, as the case may be).

Grandma Luisa, the namesake of my friend who has been quoted in this ezine before, had a cooking tip that I often say out loud when I'm in the kitchen: Look with your eyes. She was teaching her granddaughter to cook by going beyond the exact measurements of a recipe and sensing what is needed. This is true in life, too.

This Week's Call To Action:

  • Recall a time when you knew something on an intuitive level. Did you picture something, hear, think, or say something out loud? Where in your body did you feel it? What senses were involved? If you can remember it now, you'll recognize your intuition more readily in the future.

Guarda con l'occhi.
Look with your eyes.

- Grandma Luisa

See you in the current,
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