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Your #1 Motivator

Ask Yourself

Is there a place you've been settling and in what way? That’s one of the questions I ask at the start of a coaching engagement. At the top of Morgan’s list was this: the lack of motivation I feel and that I’m going through the motions.

Morgan1 further elaborated on the areas that we will explore together through coaching. The answers to her questions aren’t immediately obvious. Yet right off the top we can address this issue of motivation. Morgan doesn’t need all the answers to do that.

Part of her first coaching assignment is to start a list of things that motivate her. During our conversation she easily named two:

  1. Scores and competition.
  2. Spending time in the country.

Now it’s your turn and your coach is asking: What motivates you?

Put it on the List

Here are some things on my what-motivates-me list:

(1) Taking a little time (even if just a few minutes) to collect myself in the early morning. Long before I was a coach and at the very start of my career, I set my alarm a whole hour earlier just to have this reflection time before racing off to work. For me it was an essential because I don’t function well without it, though now I also view it as a luxury.

(2) Working from a list and then once I select from the list, not torturing myself with what else I “should” be doing. Giving myself the gift of focus and being present to the task.

(3) Not working from a list. Doing something unplanned that makes me happy and remembering my own words: Don’t Postpone Joy. This might be as simple as planting a few flowers in a pot or trying out a new recipe.

(4) Lightening up and talking nicely to myself. If it’s a big step I’m taking, saying to myself: Look how bold you are – how cool is that? If it’s a small item, saying: Good for you for getting this picayune thing done.

(5) Tuning up! From free radio stations on Pandora® to wireless speakers that move from room to room, technology makes it easier than ever to enjoy our tunes. My husband said the Bose bluetooth speaker is one of the best gifts I ever gave him (him being us). He uses it every morning while getting ready for work.

(6) Having symbolic images, photos, or sound bites of inspiration on my phone, computer, and office walls to make me feel good.

Okay, there are plenty of other things on my list but I’ll stop there for today.

Don’t Wait to Feel Motivated

Whatever challenges are on your plate today and even before the solutions become clear, knowing what motivates you is a step in the right direction.

This Week’s Call To Action: Make your what-motivates-me list and start using it!

Over the next few issues, I’ll offer ideas2 for motivating yourself this summer. In the meantime, remember: It’s not your boss, your spouse, or your best friend. It’s not the situation you wish would change or the goal you’re trying to attain. It’s you.

Your #1 Motivator is YOU.

See you in the current,
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¹Name changed for privacy.

²For more ideas, sort by category in the Current of Life library. In addition to the category of Motivation you’ll also find these related topics: Attitude/Mindset, Focus, and Habits.

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