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Current of Life by Virginia Kravitz, is a free, biweekly ezine for accomplished professionals who want to move forward with clarity and confidence in their careers and lives. Each issue provides practical guidance and inspiration to navigate the important decisions of your life. As a subscriber, you have exclusive access to special events such as teleclasses, call-in days, program previews, and Current Conversations, a quarterly community call.

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8/18/2015 Motivation 8 Ways to Hang Out with Your Role Models
8/4/2015 Managing Overwhelm Staging: It’s Not Just for Your House
07/21/2015 Motivation How to Get Yourself Off the Dime
7/07/2015 Motivation To the Future and Back
6/23/2015 Motivation Your #1 Motivator
6/02/2015 Confidence, Courage Rise Up!
5/12/2015 Motivation What Would You Tell Your Daughter or Son?
4/28/2015 Time, Planning Regroup, Refocus & Recharge
4/14/2015 Creativity, Problem-Solving Dream or Get Real?
3/17/2015 Decisions Make That Decision Work For You
3/03/2015 Models: Living in the Current How Is Your Dream Changing?
02/17/2015 Confidence, Courage They See It In You
01/27/2015 Living in the Current When Is It Okay To Coast?
01/13/2015 Living in the Current Moving Forward
12/23/2014 Year End Reflection How'd We Get Here?
11/18/2014 Vision, Values, Purpose Your Power Center
10/21/2014 Motivation Only You
9/16/2014 Communication, Language Something You’re Not
8/26/2014 Attitude, Mindset Be-Do-Have at Work
8/12/2014 Attitude, Mindset Your Next Performance Review
7/22/2014 Motivation Other People’s Success
6/17/2014 Communication, Language You're Making an Impact
5/27/2014 Communication, Language Listen...Listen!
5/6/2014 Change Out of the Mud
4/1/2014 Time, Planning Time is on Your Side
3/11/2014 Habits Interrupt the Pattern
2/25/2014 Habits Flying Into Any Windows Lately?
2/11/2014 Motivation Just Want To Be Here
1/21/2014 Change Learn As You Go
1/7/2014 Time, Planning Go Gently, Go Strong
12/23/2013 Year End Reflection Connect with Both
12/10/2013 Managing Overwhelm The Movie Camera Technique
11/26/2013 Gratitude Start Here
9/3/2013 Habits Don't Get Used to This
6/18/2013 Gratitude When You See It, Celebrate It
6/4/2013 Communication, Language Kind of or Absolutely?
5/21/2013 Motivation What Are You Willing To Do?
5/7/2013 Vision, Values, Purpose Know Your Why
4/23/2013 Motivation Persistence Pays
4/10/2013 Focus It's In Your Focus
3/19/2013 Change You Are Changing
3/5/2013 Communication, Language Are You Jumping to Conclusions?
2/19/2013 Habits Did You Blow It?
2/5/2013 Creativity, Problem-Solving What's Bugging You?
1/15/2013 Motivation Go, Go, Go!
1/4/2013 Living in the Current Commit Yourself Again
12/18/2012 Year End Reflection Miracles, Mortals and Mosquitoes
12/4/2012 Joy, Happiness What Have You Learned About Joy?
11/13/2012 Joy, Happiness A Good Day
10/31/2012 Joy, Happiness Why Should You Be Happy?
10/16/2012 Living in the Current Trust the Path
10/2/2012 Vision, Values, Purpose Does It Match?
9/18/2012 Models: Living in the Current Keep Listening
9/04/2012 Living in the Current The Current Is Always New
8/14/2012 Decisions You Know This For Sure
7/31/2012 Visions, Values, Purpose You Are Meant to Shine
7/17/2012 Decisions What You Do Matters
7/3/2012 Attitude, Mindset It's True: You Are Free
6/19/2012 Confidence, Courage Stronger Than Ever
6/5/2012 Attitude, Mindset There's Something Funny Here
5/22/2012 Attitude, Mindset Are You in Catch-Up Mode?
5/8/2012 Models: Living in the Current Life After Layoff
4/24/2012 Attitude, Mindset Own It!
4/10/2012 Change Take Your Life Off Hold
3/27/2012 Attitude, Mindset Don't Make Worry
3/13/2012 Attitude, Mindset When Life Gives You a Break, Take It
2/28/2012 Living in the Current All is Well
11/29/2011 Decisions Where Do You Go For Validation?
11/15/2011 Gratitude What Do You Get To Do Today?
11/1/2011 Living in the Current Is It Restlessness or Something Else?
10/18/2011 Confidence, Courage It Doesn't Hurt To Ask
10/4/2011 Creativity, Problem-Solving How Good Are You At Asking For Help?
9/20/2011 Creativity, Problem-Solving What Else Could Be True?
9/6/2011 Living in the Current Have You Found The Entry Point?
8/23/2011 Confidence, Courage Take Courage!
8/9/2011 Living in the Current Is It Time To Go With The Flow?
7/26/2011 Living in the Current Awesome!
7/12/2011 Change Your Ticket to Change
6/28/2011 Living in the Current The Promise You Make to Yourself
6/14/2011 Gratitude You Didn't Have To Do That
5/31/2011 Confidence, Courage The Courageous You
5/17/2011 Creativity, Problem-Solving You Have Options
5/3/2011 Attitude, Mindset Mark It Complete
4/19/2011 Communication, Language What Language Do You Speak?
4/5/2011 Change A Big Move
3/22/2011 Attitude, Mindset There's No Comparison
3/8/2011 Motivation Five-Minute Procrastination Buster
2/22/2011 Living in the Current Striking the Perfect Balance
2/8/2011 Gratitude It's Okay To Want More
1/25/2011 Time, Planning Tempted to Back Off Your Big Goal?
1/12/2011 Attitude, Mindset You Have Permission
12/29/2010 Year End Reflection Peace and a Present (2010)
12/16/2010 Year End Reflection Bucket List Twist
11/30/2010 Models: Living in the Current The Effect You Have
11/16/2010 Vision, Values, Purpose You'll Know It Then
11/2/2010 Living in the Current The Art of Abandon
10/19/2010 Models: Living in the Current Bring It With You
10/5/2010 Creativity, Problem-Solving Make It Up
9/21/2010 Confidence, Courage How Could It Go Right?
9/7/2010 Focus September is a Fresh Start
8/24/2010 Time, Planning Move the Monkey
8/10/2010 Models: Living in the Current Cooking Up a Change
7/27/2010 Attitude, Mindset Trust the Timing
7/13/2010 Models: Living in the Current Do You Know the Value of Your Own Stock?
6/29/2010 Joy, Happiness Don't Postpone Joy (cont'd)
6/15/2010 Joy, Happiness Don't Postpone Joy
6/1/2010 Attitude, Mindset Signs of Hope
5/18/2010 Confidence, Courage Transfer Your Success
5/4/2010 Motivation It's Okay, Keep Going
4/20/2010 Motivation The Road Less Tedious
4/6/2010 Motivation Tackling A Tough Job?
3/23/2010 Habits Ease Into It
3/9/2010 Focus Your Short & Mighty List
2/23/2010 Attitude, Mindset Let it Go!
2/9/2010 Vision, Values, Purpose You Are Not Your Job Title
1/26/2010 Motivation Frustrated? Make It Work for You
1/12/2010 Decisions Your Time Is Now
12/29/2009 Year End Reflection Inspiration Is All Around You
12/15/2009 Year End Reflection Seven Ways to Lighten Your December
12/1/2009 Year End Reflection Peace and a Present (2009)
11/17/2009 Models: Living in the Current Who Are Your Models?
11/3/2009 Communication, Language If You Really Wanted To...
10/20/2009 Models: Living in the Current You're Going to Need a Bigger Pot
10/6/2009 Decisions Heed the Call
9/22/2009 Decisions Can You Hear It?
9/8/2009 Motivation Devoted, Not Disciplined
8/25/2009 Focus Leap + Steady-As-You-Go
8/11/2009 Focus Distracted Easily? Try This.
7/28/2009 Attitude, Mindset Don't Psychoanalyze the Door
7/14/2009 Confidence, Courage See Yourself As The Expert
6/30/2009 Vision, Values, Purpose What Would Thrill You?
6/16/2009 Models: Living in the Current What You and Pavarotti Have In Common
6/2/2009 Attitude, Mindset Clear a Space-Make a Space (Part 2)
5/19/2009 Attitude, Mindset Clear a Space-Make a Space (Part 1)
5/5/2009 Attitude, Mindset Which Wolf Have You Been Feeding?
4/21/2009 Time, Planning How Do You Make Time?
4/7/2009 Motivation Give Yourself a Hand!
3/20/2009 Series: Can You Make It Happen? The Perfect Blend (Series Wrap Up)
3/10/2009 Series: Can You Make It Happen? When It's Just Not Happening
2/24/2009 Series: Can You Make It Happen? Where Do You Put Your Trust?
2/10/2009 Series: Can You Make It Happen? Detached Doesn't Mean Dispassionate
1/27/2009 Series: Can You Make It Happen? Will You Allow It?
1/13/2009 Series: Can You Make It Happen? Can You Make It Happen?
12/30/2008 Year End Reflection Remember, Respect, and Believe
12/16/2008 Year End Reflection Peace and a Present (2008)
12/2/2008 Vision, Values, Purpose What Are You Craving?
11/18/2008 Gratitude Start Here
11/4/2008 Decisions Decide and Act
10/21/2008 Confidence, Courage Be The Pro
10/7/2008 Motivation The Music That Moves You
9/23/2008 Motivation Accountability as a Success Tool
9/9/2008 Health What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?
8/26/2008 Managing Overwhelm Rewire Your Brain
8/12/2008 Vision, Values, Purpose You'll Know It When You See It...Or Will You?
7/29/2008 Living in the Current When You Find Yourself In Rough Waters
7/15/2008 Living in the Current When have you felt both Calm and Excited?
7/1/2008 Visions, Values, Purpose Knowing Your Purpose
6/17/2008 Visions, Values, Purpose All the Way to Thriving
6/3/2008 Attitude, Mindset Are You Lucky?
5/20/2008 Habits Your AM/PM Routine
5/6/2008 Motivation While I Was Milking A Cow
4/22/2008 Vision, Values, Purpose Seeing Is Believing
4/8/2008 Communication, Language How Can I Help You?
3/25/2008 Decisions Ready Enough
3/11/2008 Communication, Language Say What You Mean
2/26/2008 Motivation Summoning Your Will
2/12/2008 Joy, Happiness Just for the Pure Joy of It
1/29/2008 Time, Planning The Planning Paradox
1/15/2008 Motivation Impossible or Inevitable?
1/1/2008 Decisions Renewing You
12/18/2007 Year End Reflection Peace and a Present (2007)
12/4/2007 Year End Reflection Oil Your Lamp
11/20/2007 Gratitude What's In Your Basket This Year?
11/6/2007 Living in the Current In the Current
10/23/2007 Vision, Values, Purpose Giving Words To Your Purpose
10/9/2007 Decisions Traveling The Distance From What You Know To How You Live
9/25/2007 Time, Planning Your 60-Day Challenge
9/11/2007 Attitude, Mindset Do It Beautifully
8/28/2007 Decisions A High Quality Problem
8/14/2007 Decisions Exploring Your Options
7/31/2007 Motivation Don't Rest On Your Laurels -- Ride Them!
7/17/2007 Attitude, Mindset Proof Will Come
7/3/2007 Attitude, Mindset Exercise Your Freedom
6/19/2007 Attitude, Mindset When To Be A Gentle Giant
6/5/2007 Attitude, Mindset You Don't Have To Be A Yogi To Have A Little Peace of Mind
5/22/2007 Time, Planning Don’t Wait For The Ducks
5/8/2007 Attitude, Mindset Opportunity In The Strangest Places
4/24/2007 Gratitude
The Best Way To Say Thank You
4/10/2007 Series: Are You A Dreamer? Becoming A Master Dreamer (Series Wrap Up)
3/27/2007 Series: Are You A Dreamer? Protect Your Dream
3/13/2007 Series: Are You A Dreamer? Is This Just A Dream?
2/27/2007 Series: Are You A Dreamer? Let Your Dream Inform You
2/13/2007 Series: Are You A Dreamer? Get Distracted
1/30/2007 Series: Are You A Dreamer?
Why Even Dream?
1/16/2007 Series: Are You A Dreamer? Are You a Dreamer?
1/2/2007 Decisions The Promise You Make To Yourself
12/19/2006 Year End Reflection
An Important Pause
12/5/2006 Year End Reflection Peace and a Present (2006)
11/21/2006 Gratitude
Choosing To Be Grateful
11/7/2006 Vision, Values, Purpose Expanding Your Horizon
10/24/2006 Attitude, Mindset Get Curious
10/10/2006 Decisions Trusting Your Clarity
9/26/2006 Decisions Decisions with Impact
9/12/2006 Decisions How Do You Decide?
8/29/2006 Managing Overwhelm Creating Your OASIS
8/15/2006 Managing Overwhelm Selecting from Your Menu
8/1/2006 Managing Overwhelm When Overwhelm is on the Rise
7/18/2006 Motivation Is Pressure Your Paradigm?
7/4/2006 Attitude, Mindset
Salute to Freedom
6/20/2006 Attitude, Mindset Back On Course
6/6/2006 Vision, Values, Purpose Say No Every Time
5/23/2006 Attitude, Mindset Prune Away!
5/9/2006 Attitude, Mindset You're Just Getting Started
4/25/2006 Attitude, Mindset Take a Left
4/11/2006 Models: Living in the Current Real Life Models
3/28/2006 Habits The 15-Minute Difference
3/14/2006 Habits Your TV Habit
2/28/2006 Habits The 21 Day Experiment
2/14/2006 Vision, Values, Purpose What Are You Waiting For?
1/31/2006 Motivation To Goal or Not to Goal? (Part 2)
1/17/2006 Motivation To Goal or Not to Goal?
1/3/2006 Vision, Values, Purpose What Direction Are You Facing?
12/21/2005 Year End Reflection Peace and a Present (2005)
12/6/2005 Year End Reflection Reflecting on Your Year
11/22/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? Series Wrap Up: Does Positive Thinking Really Work?
11/8/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? Mantras with Meaning
10/25/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? Picture It
10/11/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? What Do You Intend?
9/27/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? A Leading Question
9/13/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? Unlimit Your Beliefs
8/30/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? Your Toughest Critic
8/16/2005 Series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work? Does Positive Thinking Really Work?
8/2/2005 Decisions When Temptation Strikes
7/19/2005 Time, Planning Time Traps: Take the Detour
7/5/2005 Vision, Values, Purpose What Do You Treasure?
6/21/2005 Time, Planning Allowing the Space Between the Notes
6/7/2005 Motivation What's In Your Way?
5/24/2005 Motivation Motivation Doesn’t Last
5/10/2005 Attitude, Mindset Daring to Doubt
4/26/2005 Vision, Values, Purpose 2010 — How Do You Picture It?
4/12/2005 Vision, Values, Purpose Your Vision: Define It, Wear It, Share It
3/29/2005 Motivation Act On What You Know
3/15/2005 Vision, Values, Purpose Clues to It
3/1/2005 Managing Overwhelm 3 Questions: Move from Managing Overwhelm to Momentum
2/15/2005 Time, Planning There ARE Enough Hours in the Day
2/1/2005 Attitude, Mindset Patience and Boldness
1/18/2005 Time, Planning Leap + Steady-As-You-Go
1/4/2005 Time, Planning Support You Need for the Changes You Want
12/21/2004 Motivation What's Your Theme?
12/7/2004 Vision, Values, Purpose The Year I...
11/23/2004 Year End Reflection Accomplishments: Celebrate Yours
11/9/2004 Time, Planning To Don't List...Get One
10/26/2004 Time, Planning Underpromise and Overdeliver...With a New Twist
10/12/2004 Attitude, Mindset What's the Plan Today?
9/28/2004 Attitude, Mindset Hit the Reset Button
9/14/2004 Confidence, Courage Confidence Recipe
8/31/2004 Attitude, Mindset That's History